Small Groups

Small groups are exactly that! Small groups of people (6-15 people) from ACB who meet
regularly in church members' homes (or in the church house) to pray, discuss the Bible and develop great friendships. 
We have small groups located in and around Basel and all you have to do to join is contact us
and we can put you in touch with the small group leader.

Pratteln Group

Meets on a Friday evening

Reinach Group

Meets on a Wednesday evening

Riehen Group

Meets on a Tuesday evening

Magden/Rheinfelden Group

Meets on a Monday evening

Rheinfelden (Germany) Group

Is now meeting at the Church House, Basel

Mixed group – mainly under 40s who work. Meets on a Wednesday evening

Leymen (France) Group

Meets on a Tuesday evening every other week.

Basel Group

Meeting for Morning Prayer and Gospel Meditation on a Thursday morning 7.45 to 8.30, in Church House

Thursday Bible Study Group

Meets Thursday morning with Anne Lowen in the Church House

Kandern Group

Meeting on a Thursday evening

20 - 30s Group

Meets every two weeks in the Church House, lead by our Youth Worker